Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics and Mixed Media

In 2018 I waved a fond farewell to my career as a primary school headteacher as the draw (!) to become a full-time artist became too strong.

As an artist I'm mainly self-taught. My primary education gave me a reasonable start exploring with crayons, papier mâché, collage and paints, but my abysmal secondary art education left me floundering.

Since then I have taken the odd day course (screen-printing, lino-cut, fused glass) and then explored techniques for myself. I watched my grandmother and father, both talented amateur painters, and picked up tips from them. I now have a bash (sometimes literally) at most things. More recently I have taken up ceramics again and I love it!

My other passion is the world around us, particularly the countryside and coast and I love to travel. Both the natural and built environment feature in my work as do flowers-often ones from our own garden. Our cats creep into my pictures too!

I've a pretty good knowledge of the work of a range of artists, having visited many galleries and exhibitions over the years. I can appreciate the work of the old masters and am intrigued by some contemporary work but if I had to choose my favourite ten artists, the ones that have moved me to tears or made me smile the most I would say, in no particular order;

Vincent Van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Henri Matisse
Tove Jansson
Frida Kahlo
Anselm Kiefer
Barbara Rae
Barbara Hepworth
David Hockney
Marc Chagall
Mary Fedden

....yes I know that's eleven but I couldn't decide who to leave out!

I hope you enjoy looking around the website and finding the influence of some of these artists in my work. As the website develops I will be adding more works for sale but in the meantime if something catches your eye feel free to get in touch and see if it's available.